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To ensure people have something to read, says Eko, is a responsibility. His responsibility


Pakeluasu: Balut Island’s gateway to Indonesia

“Kakak (kuya), when are you coming back?” Rubertu asked. “I don’t know, ‘Po,” I told him. Popo is a term for a younger brother in the Sangirese, a language spoken by the Sangir tribe of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The language is also spoken in Mindanao’s southernmost islands, Balut and Sarangani, where communities of the Sangir… Continue reading Pakeluasu: Balut Island’s gateway to Indonesia

Atenews: where I started doing #journalism Whenever I’m invited to give a journalism lecture to students, my talk would begin with the account of my love affair with Atenews. It all began in 2007. That year, I was Communication/Sociology student who was recovering from being booted off from the Computer Science programme. In high school, I was conditioned by television… Continue reading Atenews: where I started doing #journalism

Weathering the tides: newspaper readership in the Philippines and Myanmar

Down in Davao, a city in Southern Philippines, a class in a university pass the hat to acquire an Internet domain and web host package for their journalism project: an online news site. Their project has never been done by previous batches of mass communication majors. The school’s idea was to prepare them into what… Continue reading Weathering the tides: newspaper readership in the Philippines and Myanmar