The Filipino Adobo Ingredients Can Be Found in Indonesia!

But they're not the usual Filipino suka and toyo


Durians and Southeast Asians

Like distinguishing one variety of Durian to another, to know another Southeast Asian's nationality is by looking inside, not through his looks, and definitely through the colour of his skin

Kung nagaplano ka nga muadto’g Indonesia

Mga 6 ka butang nga kinanglan ipaslak sa imong agtang inig muadto ka dinhi

Being brown and “bule” in Indonesia

The privilege of being a brown Southeast Asian in Indonesia is that you don’t elicit so much attention when you’re going around the country. In Malang or elsewhere, I haggle goods at the market, ask directions from people at the street without anyone getting a hint that saya bukan orang Indonesia. In many ways, it works to my advantage.