The Filipino Adobo Ingredients Can Be Found in Indonesia!

But they're not the usual Filipino suka and toyo


Why the yellow star follows me

It is said that the Vietnamese flag is designed with a five-point star to represent the farmers, workers, youth, intellectuals, and soliders of Vietnam. More than that, this yellow star reminds me of my friend Phuong. Today, the yellow star follows me, it follows me everywhere I go

Pakeluasu: Balut Island’s gateway to Indonesia

“Kakak (kuya), when are you coming back?” Rubertu asked. “I don’t know, ‘Po,” I told him. Popo is a term for a younger brother in the Sangirese, a language spoken by the Sangir tribe of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The language is also spoken in Mindanao’s southernmost islands, Balut and Sarangani, where communities of the Sangir… Continue reading Pakeluasu: Balut Island’s gateway to Indonesia