Noy Narciso’s “Sinulid Gikan sa Langit” in Bahasa Indonesia

Sinulid Gikan sa Langit is a song written by Noy Narciso, an artist from the Philippine southern city of Davao, where he also teaches Narciso teaches film, theatre and arts.

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The Soul Maker

Noy Narciso

Noy Narciso takes a deeper perspective in life by crafting stories and transforming brief moments into images and symbols. He calls this process “soul making.”

The soul maker says that through this, he is able to connect people, understand cultures and embody tolerance and peace.

“Soul making is about drawing out a certain experience of the person and transform this into an image either in a form of painting or a composition or a production,” he says.

And to become a soul maker, he says one does not need to be conscious as to how far one’s masterpieces go.

“My art making is considered soul making because it is not too conscious about the exhibit. It is not too conscious about the price. It is not too conscious about the form.”

Narciso teaches film, theatre and arts for the Humanities and Letters department of the Ateneo de Davao University. He was a member of the Committee on Visual Arts of the National Commission for Culture and Arts from 2004 to 2010.