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Durians and Southeast Asians

Like distinguishing one variety of Durian to another, to know another Southeast Asian's nationality is by looking inside, not through his looks, and definitely through the colour of his skin

Why it’s (almost) impossible to cook Adobo in Indonesia

If you're planning to cook your favourite Filipino Adobo in Indonesia, forget it.

Kung nagaplano ka nga muadto’g Indonesia

Mga 6 ka butang nga kinanglan ipaslak sa imong agtang inig muadto ka dinhi

Why the yellow star follows me

It is said that the Vietnamese flag is designed with a five-point star to represent the farmers, workers, youth, intellectuals, and soliders of Vietnam. More than that, this yellow star reminds me of my friend Phuong. Today, the yellow star follows me, it follows me everywhere I go

Ang Bisdak nga mi-order og kape sa Indonesia

Hapit mahagbong ang nunal nga gakapyot sa simod sa tindera. Mangutana unta ko niya kung nunal ba gyud kini, o kugmo.