Why I teach writing

Surprisingly, I realised that I’ve been teaching for almost a decade now. I call it a surprise because until now, I’m still reluctant to call myself a teacher. The sole reason why I make my presence felt in the academe is to infect young students the passion to write. Writing, for me, is a noble activity we all need to possess so we get to record human history through text. Memories are ephemeral, says Professor Rica Santos in her TEDx talk at University of the Philippines — Diliman. And what the written word does is to keep these existing forever.

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The magic pill

Never in my history I have I worn medium-sized shirts. I wore one last Tuesday, a grey Terra Nova polo shirt. I gave up more than 70 pounds of my body weight to lifestyle change. They all ask me what secret pill it was. There is no pill, I would always say; only hard work and determination to sustain what took me a year to solve my weight problem. Hard work meant constant 1000-metre swimming laps at the pool every other day, 20-minute run every single day, and conscious resistance to high-calorie food. When the same questions are thrown again and again, I get irritated.

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