The Allegory of the Trees

Whatever happens to the fruits the mother tree has given birth to, she remains to be a tree. No more, no less.


How Fat Shaming People Nearly Turned Me Anorexic

Whenever I’m alone in my room, I would take off my clothes and stand before the mirror. I see a very fat guy. I would stare at him like it were another person whom I hate. I called him names. Although in reality, that guy is me, a guy who’s fat no more

I saw the Yellow Star in Lombok

Five days ago, I saw the Yellow Star appear infront of me after alighting from a taxi that brought me from Lombok airport to Tanjung. She wore a striped shirt and a pair of dark-rimmed glasses that never failed her to stand out from a crowd. The Yellow Star rushed and extended her arms, as… Continue reading I saw the Yellow Star in Lombok