There are times it takes me months before I could write a new post. Usually, what happens is that the thoughts inside my mind are so hard to mend into intelligible pieces, like pockets of gossips brewing at Finster’s fifth floor. They simmer for months or years yet none of them evolve into anything valuable. That reminds me now of why back in college I preferred to wait for my next class inside Atenews’ tiny corner at the back of the gym — or at the periodical section of the library, where I would ask the librarian for a the day’s copy of the Inquirer and nurture self-pity while studying how witty Germie’s paper write their headlines. While, on the other hand, my classmates would gallivant at the fifth floor. Some would camp inside the sound studio, where Pak Edgar could be seen tinkering with new Macbooks of students asking for bootleg FCP7. Others would be sitting on the sofa at the lounge, where often they get a tongue-lashing from Ibu Jo (or whoever the kaprodi was at the time) for polluting the base of Humanities division with noise. Who on earth loves noise? Sometimes that’s the reason why it takes me a long time to update my blog, apart from being so preoccupied with my masters and teaching, and just recently, editing. I can only imagine DJ or Luz’s reaction when I start telling excuses. One time, in the summer of 2012, I rushed into DJ to explain why my video sequence on Manila’s fortune tellers hasn’t been exported yet. Well you know what we have a box near the door where we can put our excuses, he said. Luz had a nonchalant but equally stingy response to our excuses. She would shut her ears with her hands while saying excuses, excuses. Germie, who calls Luz her favourite editor, wrote about the non-existence of writer’s block in her blog days ago. It’s either we’ve gathered enough facts or not. It’s either we have the story or not. Well then, let’s just say when I’m not blogging that would indicate an absence of thoughts. Then again, what’s my excuse to not think?


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