Inside the bully’s brain: new discoveries

Disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist. But for being bullied for all my life — for my flat nose, dark complexion, hideous funny Tagalog accent, pretentious English accent, soft personality, my man boobs (I was fat for 26 years!), the denuded forest that plaster my skull, inept partying skills, my choice of weird friends, career, nationality, and my seemingly gullible appearance, I have become an expert in bullying.

Seriously, it’s easy to run a biopsy of a bully’s brain because their often cerebrospinal fluid drip from their ears. That is why they literally cover their ears. By the way, Webster has added another definition of literally, which could now mean the other way around. So bullies don’t have to literally cover their ears when they refuse to listen to reality. Watch them play deaf while their ears spit grey matter.

Damaged frontal lobe

So I have discovered that from the samples collected, most of them indicate a damaged right frontal lobe due to the observed low levels of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter that facilitates learning. Thus, don’t be surprised. Even if you have warned them not to poke fun of your race (because race is something you cannot change), they will never learn. Bullies find it hard to become civilised rational human beings. There is another term for this: tactical stupidity.

Smaller brain

So don’t be surprised if bullies invent things (about you) out of thin air. Low levels of acetylcholine is linked to abnormal sized basal forebrain, which is the causes confabulation or the unintended pathological production of false memories; and anosognosia or the lack of insight. Therefore, understand that bullies are delusional. They live in a bubble. And they’re not aware that they’re hurting your feelings.

How a bully’s brain looks like

These are some of my discoveries based on my experience. I tried to validate my biopsy findings by secretly taking pictures of their heads using a portable computerized axial tomography scanner (CT Scan), and here’s one of the images:


Please stay tuned for more updates.

Horizontal section of a rat’s brain (not to insult the rats!) courtesy of ZEISS microscopy.

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