Tagum’s river cruise

Tagum, one of the fastest growing cities in Southern Philippines, has made a wonderful job in preserving its mangroves that thrive in the wetlands of the city. Now it wants to bring its tourists to where the mangrove swamps are.

The cruise stops at the boardwalk canopy where visitors could take a walk to the sight of century-old mangroves. (Photos courtesy of Tagum City Information Office)

An 8.8 kilometer river cruise is now open for tourists wanting to experience an inspiring “nature hug” for at least 90 minutes long — located at the wetlands of the city.

Blogger and Tagum City information officer Louie Lapat tells us that the cruise jimps off from Punong Restaurant with stopovers in Maningo Farm which feature the famous soft-shelled crabs; the Ka’agan Village which displays Moro Muslim products and delicacies; the boardwalk observatory which under the shades of century-old mangrove trees and a floating tiangge that sells packed goodies.

The cruise costs P320 (US$7.58) per head. Those who come in groups must schedule their visit two days ahead at the Council of Women Satellite Office at Punong Restaurant.


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