Two things to bring when in Malaysia

My four-day stay in Kuala Lumpur to cover the Majlish Tilawah Al-Quran Peringkat Antarabangsa  and go around the Malaysian capital was too short to explore what Malaysia has to offer. But I’m sharing you tips on what you should bring when flying to the country:

  • Plug converter

Unlike the Philippines, Malaysia uses BS 1363 plug and sockets, an electrical standard used by former British colonies. Be sure to bring plug converters as there is no single power outlet in Kuala Lumpur that has Type A receptacle. Convience stores like 7/11, though, sell converters pegged at RM 8 (Php 84.00).

  • 3G Android phone

Internet and communication is relatively expensive in Malaysia but I have found a way to cut costs by merging the two. My Android-powered HTC Desire and Malaysia’s Digi prepaid helped me do it. Data services for Digi prepaid costs 10 cents/10 kilobytes. But when you have reached RM8, internet usage becomes unlimited until midnight. And since Android phones have portable WiFi hotspot feature, I could share my unlimited internet to my laptop.Digi’s prepaid SIM are sold at RM8.50/pack with RM5 preloaded talktime. You need to present your passport to get a SIM card. This is part of their government’s mandatory SIM card registration. 


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