Pinay donates kidney to spouse in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR – Wanting to spend more years with her husband, a Filipino worker donated one of her “incompatible” kidney to her husband, a first in Malaysia’s history of kidney transplant, a newspaper here reported on Sunday.

Bianca Abundo, a procurement specialist in an oil company here, donated her kidney to 32-year-old Geland Gonzalodo. The two got married April 29, according to a report by The Star.

“We just got married on April 29. I want to spend many more years with him,” Abundo was quoted as saying.

Gonzalodo, a senior contract manager, is Malaysia’s first patient to undergo kidney transplant whose donor does not share the same blood group.

Next to Singapore, Malaysia is the second country to perform a successful “incompatible” kidney transplant.

The newspaper said Gonzalodo underwent the transplant at Prince Court Medical Center July 1, followed by Lee Leong King the next day.

Many donors around the world are turned down from donating their kidney because their blood types does not match with the person they wish to donate their organ.

But today, patients are able to receive kidney from a donor with incompatible blood type by removing a patient’s antibodies and doing a complicated plasma exchange, said PCMC nephrology department Dr. Tan Si Yen.

“I am a Filipino but I consider myself a Malaysian as I have a second chance at life here,” said Gonzalodo.

Gonzalodo’s operation is said to cost around RM150,000 and RM180,000, according to the report.


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